Free up your business to focus on core activities

As a Managed Service provider FinXL takes complete management responsibility to deliver a service that was traditionally delivered by your internal staff. However, we recognise that Managed Services are definitely not a one-size-fits-all concept. They have to be customised based on the unique needs of your organisation and the service provider's portfolio of services.

Over the last decade in business, FinXL as an ICT service provider has become a leader by moving up through the business value chain. Having acquired functional knowledge of businesses, we have developed the ability to provide managed business and operational system support services. We recognise that Managed Services have proven to be significant transforming agents for businesses in today's highly complex and fast moving technology space – especially where meeting and exceeding a price sensitive customer demand along with consistent, quality service is of paramount importance!

How can FinXL help?

Businesses often choose to focus on market leadership strategies and increasing revenue by developing and selling value-added products/services and planning for future growth. FinXL provides such enterprises with the opportunity to strategically contract out operations such as application support, testing and infrastructure support.

This almost immediately alleviates the highly experienced enterprise IT operations work force that executes repetitive tasks, to re-skill and re-focus on cutting-edge application and/or services or product development.

Our capabilities cover a range of Managed Services including:

  • Application Support Services – for many enterprises, off-premise application management is an uneasy proposition. When you hear of third-party outages at companies and concerns with service-level agreements (SLA’s), off-site application management can appear to be a challenging proposition.FinXL recognises that if you are thinking about ceding control of some applications to others, there is a recipe to be used to create a successful and safe relationship. The recipe has four primary ingredients:

    Step #1: Align with core business principles

    Step #2: Ensure end-to-end service delivery

    Step #3: Manage the relationship with central intelligence

    Step #4: Fold the model into business and culture

    Services can include help desk support, day-to-day IT operations, production application support, database monitoring and application development.

  • Testing Services – One of the key failings in technology development and deployment is adequate testing. Existing technologies of virtualistion, business process modeling, cloud-based test automation tools and rapid and easy internet access allow for the development of approaches that allow companies to order testing as a service and pay only for what they use.FinXL are sensitive to the importance of this specialized function and provide a number of testing services including automated regression testing, performance testing, security testing, testing of major ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, and monitoring/testing of cloud-based applications.
  • Infrastructure Services – FinXL recognizes that the cost of maintaining infrastructure is both costly and difficult. Obsolescence is on the increase, there are many options and skills (in cases) can be scarce. FinXL has access to organisations and consultants that can assist you with the set-up of computing infrastructure, both physical or (quite often) virtual machines. This can include resources like virtual-machine disk image library, block and file-based storage, firewalls, load balancers, IP addresses, virtual local area networks, virtual data centres, etc.Ultimately our aim is that an Infrastructure Service provides you with the following features and benefits:
  • Scalability
  • No investment in hardware
  • Utility style costing
  • Location independence
  • Physical security of data centre locations
  • No single point of failure

Why trust FinXL to deliver your Managed Services?

  • We have the right people: One of FinXL’s key differentiators is its ability to make sure that we have the right people with the right experience on the job! FinXL’s expert teams are carefully selected not just for technical skills but also to ensure a cultural fit within our client’s business. Working with the customer is paramount to success! If required we can also avail of our offshore partners to leverage the wage arbitrage and deliver an additional cost saving.
  • We have done it before: FinXL has over ten years’ experience successfully delivering Managed Service Projects across a multitude of clients and industries. We offer transparency of process, clear and deliverable SLA’s and regular performance reporting.
  • We are proactive and look to the future: FinXL believes the key to Managed Services success is being proactive. Clients are paying for us to plan ahead and we need to be prepared for anything. By taking time to sit down and honestly evaluate your technology, cutting solutions from your offering or updating them where necessary, you can be confident in your managed service product provided by FinXL.
  • We provide certainty of delivery: FinXL has a strong Delivery Assurance function which independently assures that the service is delivered on time, within budget and meets quality performance indicators e.g. KPI’s and SLA’s.