Understanding your needs

Understanding how organisations gain the most insight from your information is a crucial component of good business decision-making.

Organisations either produce or are bombarded with huge amounts of data. Making sense of it in an actionable way can be the difference between being a good organisation or a great one. The following questions may help understand where you think you are at:

  • Is your business intelligence and reporting providing effective business decision support?
  • Do you use business dashboards that provide a good summary of current and expected future business performance?
  • Is your information and data architecture comprehensive and flexible enough to meet expected future business needs?
  • How robust is your data warehousing, modelling and governance?
  • Is your Big Data and data management providing you with the right insights to potential business opportunities?
  • Are your predictive analytics up to scratch?

How can FinXL help?

FinXL has provided high quality Information Services for the ICT Industry in Australia for over 10 years. We work closely with our clients to genuinely understand their business. This enables us to provide best practice solutions which are delivered on time, within budget and aligned with your business outcomes.

Our capabilities cover the full range of Information Services including:

  • Business intelligence and reporting – we work with you to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. Our structured approach also builds in BI reporting that adds value by providing effective business decision support.
  • Dashboarding – FinXL can help you build dashboard reporting that provide concise, standardised, repeatable summaries of business performance.  
  • Information and data architecture – structuring data to enable business transactions, building analytical capability to underpin business decision-making and development of approaches to support building authored content that provides the necessary business insight.
  • Data warehousing, modelling and governance – providing the right level of control around scoping, designing and governing the data warehouse function.
  • Big data and data management – develop and implement the data management strategies to transform the large amounts of data that organisations now have access to into actionable information. FinXL’s effective approach to big data management helps organisations locate valuable information from multiple sources and use a structured approach to realising its potential.
  • Predictive analytics – develop and use predictive models to ID patterns in historical data to identify risks and opportunities.

Why trust FinXL to deliver your Information Services?

  • We have the right people: One of FinXL’s key differentiators is its ability to make sure that we have the right people with the right experience on the job! FinXL’s expert Information Services teams are carefully selected not just for technical skills but also to ensure a cultural fit within our client’s business.
  • We have done it before: FinXL has over ten years of experience successfully delivering Projects across a multitude of clients and industries.
  • We provide certainty of delivery: FinXL has a strong Delivery Assurance function which independently assures that each project is delivered on time and within budget.