Understanding your needs

Business Consulting is integral to enable our clients to introduce change, implement new systems and transform their business.

Are you confronted with challenges such as how to:

  • embrace the benefits of change whilst continuing to deliver ‘business as usual’ operations?
  • achieve more for less through business process improvement and re-engineering?
  • create an innovative culture?
  • prioritise investment to optimise growth and profitability?
  • effectively create new business models and adopt new technology?
  • implement new systems?
  • improve the return on your investment in architecture?
  • simplify and consolidate the application landscape?
  • optimise the performance of IT through reorganisation, process improvement and definition of strategic direction?
  • assess, analyse and build strategies to assist you to improve addressing markets, marketing, sales, service and online interactions?
  • ensure that your business can survive a disaster and continue to operate seamlessly?

How can FinXL help?

FinXL has provided high quality Business Consulting Services for the ICT Industry in Australia for over 10 years. From Strategic Consulting through to Business Continuity, our experienced business consultants have an enviable track record of improving our client’s strategic and business analysis capability delivering both innovative and pragmatic solutions.

We work closely with our clients to genuinely understand their business. This enables us to provide best practice services which are delivered on time, within budget and aligned with your desired business outcomes.

Our capabilities cover the full range of Business Consulting Services including:

  • Strategic Consulting – FinXL has worked along side our clients to help translate business vision, strategy and requirements into effective change. We can help you develop a strategic plan that examines where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years and exactly how you and your team can achieve these objectives.
  • Forecasting and Planning – The execution and implementation of a business strategy requires a precise interpretation of the strategy into the budgeting, planning and forecasting processes. FinXL can assist with consulting services to develop and optimise budgets, plans and advanced forecasting and modelling. We specialise in developing and implementing tools to measure the success of the implementation of strategies, systems and plans.
  • Architecture and Design – Engaging with our industry based Solution Architects provides expertise with the overall design of the business solution ensuring that it will align with the business goals and processes of the company. All of our Solution Architects are experts at process flow analysis and redesign which helps you deliver a solution that meets the needs of your business, provides enterprise information consistently, and integrates effectively with other applications.
  • Business Analysis – FinXL’s Business Analysts are experts at bridging the gap between business challenges and technology solutions. Our Business Analysts will analyse, transform and ultimately resolve business problems with the help of technology.
  • Business Process Improvement – Process improvement is fundamental to business management. Through the facilitation of Process Improvement Workshops we can help your business design processes that are clearly aligned and optimise your systems and processes to achieve more efficient results.
  • Customer Experience Management – The goal of Customer Experience Management is to optimize the interactions from the customer’s perspective and foster customer loyalty. FinXL will help you manage the customer experience by designing and implementing a strategy that will track and organise all customer touch points across the organization.
  • Change and Transformation Consulting – FinXL can help our clients transform business processes and manage change related to the implementation of news systems to ensure that they are aligned with the business strategy. We can provide Change Management Services which are carefully planned and executed with proper communication and direct participation by those impacted by the change, resulting in higher levels of acceptance.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning are processes that help organisations prepare for disruptive events. FinXL’s involvement in this process can range from the initial preparation of the plan all the way through to the management of the plan during an emergency.

Why trust FinXL to deliver your Business Consulting?

  • Unparalleled Skill Building Excellence: At FinXL we pride ourselves on not only attracting the consultants with the best qualifications but the best credentials. We look beyond the degrees and MBAs and look for the experience (the real evidence of learning and applying the principles), their EQ factor (social & emotional skills and personal drive for better interaction with the client) and their network (individuals and companies where they have worked and experience they can bring to the table).
  • Tailor Made Methodologies to ensure Success: At FinXL we believe it is not just about “what you know” but more importantly “what you do with it”. The key is about raising the bar. Initially we may start out to restore the status quo or solve a problem. Our aim at FinXL however is to exceed expectations and deliver ongoing value that makes a real difference to your business and people.
  • Innovative Talent Attraction Methods: At FinXL we take pride at the fact that we have the ability to attract the best available talent in the market. With 500 consultants today and growing, we are building an organisation of people who want to work for us. We recognise that consulting is one of the professions that is based on trust and one-to-one relationships. When you engage with FinXL you attract those special values and care that you would want in your own organisation.
  • Special Client Counselling Skills: This is very important. We recognise that the experience that a customer has with FinXL is as important as the deliverable. We focus on our consultant’s interactions and giving advice the right way. Our clients must feel that we have their best interest at heart, not just collecting billable hours.
  • Valuable Knowledge Base: At FinXL what we deliver is “customised brainpower”. We go beyond just writing reports, memos and putting in more hours of manual labour. Our consultants look to generate real value – improved processes, increased people skills, greater customer satisfaction and growing financial returns.
  • Different Approach to Different Projects: Clients are different – problems are different. Therefore we do not espouse “a unique approach” at FinXL. By customising our approach to our clients’ needs we recognise we add more value and can deliver lasting change.
  • Perpetual Development Excellence: This is a big problem in many consulting firms. Associates and partners get so bogged down with doing billable client work that they have no time left to develop new approaches and processes, not to mention time to mentor junior associates. At FinXL we invest time in training and development, and provide regular consultant feedback. The whole premise at FinXL is that we shy away from the consulting factory model and aim to maintaining being a real professional knowledge firm that sells expertise regardless of time and materials.