Name: Matthew Schmalz

Title: Head of IT

What is your role at FinXL? 

My role at FinXL as Head of IT is to oversee the IT Function and provide the strategic guidance, development and direction to ensure success in line with our business objectives. Understanding the broader organisational challenges and initiatives to ensure we are well positioned in the marketplace both today and in the future.


What is your background?

I’ve spent the last 15 years working across a broad range of technical network, security and leadership roles in IT. Most of this was within the Financial Services Industry with an ASX200 listed company, where I was responsible for the global expansion of the IT functions and systems into the Asia Pacific and North America regions. Prior to joining FinXL I was the Group IT Manager at Ignite (formerly Clarius Group), which gave me great insight into the Professional Services Industry – something I’m looking forward to building on with FinXL.


What are your FinXL career highlights?

Being 3 weeks in it’s still early days for me to call out a highlight just yet! However, I’m already feeling pumped about the plan we are currently building out and I’m confident that it will result in many career highlights to come.


What do you love about FinXL?

I love being a part of an organisation that has operational excellence as well as a collaborative leadership team who are invested in developing their people. I have an opportunity to develop a best in class IT strategy that builds on the future growth of the organisation as it paves the way as a leader in the IT Professional services industry – and I’m excited!

Lastly… Paul’s freshly baked bread on a Monday!