Jordan Hill joined FinXL’s Melbourne office as Client Development Executive in June 2017. With a background in wealth management, property funds management, sales and technology, he has already made a big impact on the business.

Passionate about impacting the lives of people less fortunate, the busy father of one year old Maya, and husband of Maria, also sits on the board of the One Heart Foundation, supporting orphaned and abandoned children living in Kenya (see video). Additionally, Jordan hopes to raise $250K by running 50km with the Fifty50Challenge in May this year.

1. What is your role with the One Heart Foundation?
My focus is on driving strategic partnerships, corporate social responsibility, events and the governance agenda of One Heart. I have also set up a livestock (cattle) project and a boutique property development group with the majority of all proceeds going towards our projects in Kenya and beyond.

2. Why did you get involved?
I have a deep conviction that we can all do something – great or small. Having enjoyed the experience of visiting some forty countries, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that we can have if we turn the attention away from ourselves and choose to impact humanity. Dare I say, the joy of giving far outweighs the joy of receiving!

3. What makes One Heart different from other charities?

  • Our major differentiators are:
    A full Kenyan board comprised of highly skilled, professional individuals such as; pastors, lawyers, accountants and business executives oversee the entire model. This ensures that our impact is felt across the entire community and doesn’t end up having unintentional consequences.
  • 95% of all financial support reaches our projects and is not consumed by ridiculous marketing, administration and other costs.
  • We are building a truly holistic model that focuses on love, education, breaking the poverty cycle and raising up future leaders. We have achieved this by securing ten acres of land, building an aqua farm (fisheries), establishing green houses that supply organic fruit and vegetables, have built a bakery that is supplying our kids and also selling bread into the local community for an income stream. We have also created a skills training centre to ensure our kids can adopt a specific trade, have livestock (cows, chickens, pigs) that feed our kids and also run some sustainable energy operations on the site. We have also entered into a longer term agreement with the University of Eldoret that allows our kids to have a path way from high school to university.
  • One Heart has built an award winning school that is now recognised across all of Kenya. As such, we have been able to educate local fee paying students. This helps to offset the ongoing costs to cater to 80 children of which we are now the legal guardians.

4. What are your hopes for the future of the 80 children the charity cares for?
The vast majority of our children are orphans, both parents having passed through HIV. Where possible, we want to ensure we are providing them with a truly loving home, a brilliant education and life skills that will enable them to flourish when they graduate from our school.

5. How can people help?
The Fifty50Challenge is coming up in May this year. I will be running 50km, hoping to raise $250K to go towards the life changing transformation of two Kenyan villages. A major fund raising initiative, you can help by going to the website or INSTA: Fifty50Challenge to like, share, comment or to donate. With the social media channels engaged, we are targeting an audience of over 1,000,000 people. If just 1-2% contributed $5, $10, $20…the impact would be immense!